We exist for the zealous furtherance of the Glory of God,

for the joy of all people, through Jesus Christ

Here is a basic summary of Fox Lake Community Church’s Sunday morning Worship Service:

Services start every Sunday at10:30am

  • Service Preparation
    • Announcements
    • The Ringing of the Bell
    • Musical Prelude to prepare our hearts for worship
  • Call to Worship: (God calls us to come and worship Him)
    • Responsive Reading from the Psalms
    • Songs of Praise
  • Confession of Faith
    • We confess our faith together
    • Songs of Praise
  • God calls us to Prayer
    • Prayers of Intercession
  • God calls us to be Thankful
    • We respond to God’s mercy by bringing our tithes and offerings
    • Singing of the Doxology
  • God calls us to hear His Word
    • Scripture reading
    • Sermon
  • God calls us to come to His Table and fellowship with Him
    • Lord’s Supper (Communion)
    • Songs of Response
  • God sends us to serve and gives us His Blessing
    • Commission
    • Benediction
    • Christian Greeting

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